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Since I was a little kid, my Dad, when asked how he was doing, would often say
"I'm even par and going under."

I looked up to him, as a father, as a PGA pro, and as a course designer. This phrase has echoed through my life as a north-star state of mind. The glass is set at half-full; in golf and in life. 

Golf has always been a part of my life. It used to be stuffy and hard to access. Now, more than ever, golf is much easier to get into. There is incredible opportunity to play a great round of golf at any age, at any price point, just about anywhere, wearing whatever you want. Even with that, there's still more work to do. Especially the mental game (on and off the course).

Golf is a state of mind. It's therapy. Like life, there's much to navigate and work through mentally on the golf course. It can also be a great way to boil up some character defects. Whatever shape your swing is in, your mental game is more important.

Even Par And Going Under supports the mental game. It's all about the mental game. We enjoy our round and enjoy the company we're with. We make fast friends. We make cool shit. We have compassion for ourselves and others. 

We care about the glass being half full. We strive for progress, not perfection. We cut ourselves some slack. We don't take ourselves too serious.

Shared unique experiences. That's what Even Par And Going Under is here for. We offer a positive perspective, unique golf experiences, and custom goods in limited quantities.

We donate 1% of all sales to suicide prevention and mental health recovery services.

- Kyle Jacobson, Founder

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